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Hurricane Harvey has caused widespread, catastrophic flooding and damage in Texas and along the Gulf Coast. Purchase a 1L, 2L, 5L or 10L barrel with the Texas Strong logo shown above and $5 of your sale will provide long-term recovery assistance to survivors and help residents recover and rebuild. All donations to this fund will exclusively support relief and recovery efforts from this storm.

*To purchase please choose from any of our barrels under the 'Galvanized Hoops - Customize It!' or 'Black Hoops - Customize It!' tab. Once you choose your size, simply type 'Texas Strong Logo' in the text field box labeled 'Add Text'. Complete the checkout process, and we'll process your order right away. Thank you for your donation - we hope you enjoy your barrel!


These specially designed handcrafted small oak barrels are ideal for your home and gift use. You can use our oak barrels for aging and mellowing liquors like whisky, rums or tequilas or homemade wines. They are also very popular for making your own fine homemade vinegars and "artisanal" ciders -- yet … their uses are limited only to your imagination. Indulge or put a smile on someone’s face. Either way your new oak barrel will give you years of enjoyment.

"I've received barrels from your competitors and I can assure you that ... your barrels stand out in quality of product, packaging and customer service.  I'm so glad I found your company."  Harry R. - NYC

Our third generation cooper focuses on quality.  Our company focuses on customer service.

You'll be glad you received the best of both worlds!


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 Vinegar Barrels


Enjoy a glass of homemade wine!Explore Winemaking From Home ... More and more wine enthusiasts are exploring the art of winemaking from home. Wine with its mystique and nuances is much more than just another alcoholic drink. Wines exhibit infinite subtleties of character and have enduring appeal.  Aging your wines in small oak barrels adds cream, butter and smoke to white wines and smooths out the tannins in the reds. They may be used as vinegar barrels as well. When making your vinegars or ciders, oak barrels will give you a depth and weight that glass and ceramic can't. The growth and interest in wine generally over the last decade has fueled an interest in winemaking as a hobby – it's spreading throughout neighborhoods and communities. Local groups are forming to learn more about the art, competitions are starting and easy to use smaller sized oak barrels are appearing in homes across the country.

Barrel age and bottle your homemade wine!You'll get Two Cases of Wine ... As it does take time to make wine, you'll want to make a reasonable quantity. With a 20 L barrel, you’ll be able to produce 24 bottles – an ideal amount to enjoy and share with others. Due to the large surface area to volume ratio of the smaller wine barrels, the rate at which the wine absorbs the oak 'flavor' is much quicker than in larger barrels thereby hastening your winemaking process.

Get rid of the Edge with Barrel-Aged Cocktails ... For smoother, mellower and more complex cocktails try your hand at oak barrel-aged cocktails when dreaming up your next batch of libations! Your creation will take about six to eight weeks to age in our 5 L toasted oak barrel ... even less in our smaller 1 L or 2 L oak barrels. Can't wait – sip a little - then top off your small oak barrel with more of the un-aged mixture ... a method something similar to the Solera process of aging – your result will be rich and deep with a touch of unexpected brightness as well!

Barrel-aged cocktail recipes abound online with the best seeming to be simple mixtures ... Negroni's (gin, sweet vermouth and Campari), Saratoga's (brandy, whiskey and vermouth), Brandy Manhattan's (brandy and sweet vermouth) and the St. Nick (brandy and cranberry liqueur) just to name a few. When you decide your cocktail is barrel-aged to perfection, filter the liquid through cheesecloth into a glass jar or pitcher – it will keep indefinitely. On a special note – take heed ... avoid using juices, citrus, eggs or dairy which can and will spoil. Add these ingredients after the spirits and liqueurs have aged sufficiently.

Mellow your own spirits right from home! Don't forget the "angels' share" ... Our smaller oak barrels produce that unique flavor that is world famous for home brewing and distilling liquid and their size makes them perfect for storing and aging liquids for personal use. The aging of whiskey, rums, ports and brandies in oak barrels is an age old art steeped in tradition and custom with relatively few changes with time. While mellowing in the oak, your liquor "breathes", gaining aroma, flavor and color and taking the edge off creating a smooth finish. And don’t forget, during the process a percentage of the alcohol evaporates – this evaporated alcohol is called the "angels' share".

Add herbs to your wine vinegar! The Simple Secret to Making Extraordinary Vinegars ... Oak barrels make great vinegar barrels giving your vinegars a depth, weight and complexity that glass and ceramic can't. For the most delicious vinegar, there’s nothing like making your very own. Once you have – you'll never go back to store bought again. It's quick. It's easy. All you need is "your mother" or as the French would say "mere de vinaigre" ... wine... and time. The Acebacter bacteria called Mother of Vinegar actually eats the alcohol and turns your wine into vinegar. We recommend a 5 L barrel for this adventure. Complete your kitchen with your own vinegar barrel. Once you've started this journey, you’ll want to experiment with various reds like Merlot or Cabernet, sweeter Muscats or blackberry, cherry or elderberry wines. The world is your oyster. Explore!

Click here to download your wine journal page! Keep a Journal ... It's suggested that you keep a journal to record and capture the memories of your journey through wine making. As the years go by, you'll find you'll be glad you've kept a written record of all you've made – recording what worked well, and – what may not have worked as well. You're journal may be as simple as a child's spiral notebook or as artful as an embossed leather-bound edition. If you wish, you may download our sample page, then place copies of that in a binder for safe keeping. The next step is yours. You may never buy wine in a store again.

Charred Oak Barrels | Small Oak Barrels | Wine Barrels Handcrafted Barrels ... White oak barrels have become the standard due to their strength, sugar content, and other excellent properties for maintaining wine, whiskeys and such. Our cooper sands and tapers the oak to fit the staves perfectly into the hoops. No nails. Steam is the vehicle for fitting and achieving the proper, permanent shape. When partially assembled your oak barrel is toasted to perfection. This causes the sugars in the wood to caramelize providing the sweet vanilla and caramel character to your spirits. Your specialty oak barrel arrives toasted "medium" to "medium+" complete with stand, bung and wooden spigot.

Enjoy and Share with Others ... Raise a glass of your own homemade wine or spirits in honor of someone close to you today! There is no more courteous gesture than offering a toast – it is a blessing in its purest form.



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