Oak Barrels

2 Liter Oak Barrel with Galvanized Hoops

Sugg Price: $59.95
Exclusive Online SALE: $34.95
Dimensions: See Barrel Dimensions & Conversions Below
Volume: 2 Liter = 2.1 qts
Accessories: Bung, Spigot & Stand included
Toasted: Medium to Medium +

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1 Liter Oak Barrel
5 Liter Oak Barrel
10 Liter Oak Barrel
20 Liter Oak Barrel

For the pro chef or passionate dabbler, our smaller sized specialty barrels are perfect for aging and mellowing liquors and wines or making special vinegars or artisanal ciders from the convenience of your own home. Each oak barrel is solidly built and artfully coopered and comes with your choice of rustic black, galvanized or brass hoops. Enjoy our oak barrels around your relaxed get-togethers or for serving from before a cozy fire.


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American white oak barrels
Brass, Galvanized or Rustic Black Hoops
1L, 2L, 5L, 10L or 20 L sizes
Age and mellow liquors, and wines
Great for barrel-aged cocktails, beer and ciders