Oak Barrels

Mother of Vinegar Culture - Red Wine

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Contents: 8 fl ozs


Make you own incredibly good red wine vinegar!  You probably can’t imagine how good red wine vinegar can be - it's great to have on hand for everyday cooking.  Using a slow oak-fermentation process will ensure complexity and depth of flavor - and needless to say, a red wine vinegar with tons of character.  Your pièce de résistance will be a robust, full-bodied vinegar with rich and mellow flavors.  


Red wine vinegar is commonly used in the Mediterranean countries and is a common staple in most French homes. And, what’s great  ... you’ll have a constant supply and will be able to pull off vinegar as you need it.  Make flavorful vinaigrettes, sauces, and much, much more.  Share your results with friends – your handcrafted, artisanal vinegar makes a great and unusual gift!

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American white oak barrels
Brass, Galvanized or Rustic Black Hoops
1L, 2L, 5L, 10L or 20 L sizes
Age and mellow liquors, and wines
Great for barrel-aged cocktails, beer and ciders