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A good Mother … there’s nothing like one!

Mother of Vinegar- Make your own vinegar from old wine! In the world of vinegar, a "mother" is a live starter – very similar to the bread starter for sourdough. The "mother" or "mother of vinegar" is home to a particular type of acetic acid-producing bacteria called acetobacter which actually devours the alcohol converting your wine into delicious vinegar. Look for the mother to form a gelatinous or cellulose-like mass on the surface of your vinegar – this is the telltale sign that the bacteria are alive and well and doing their work!

Mother of Vinegar Culture

Our all-natural Mother of Vinegar Cultures come complete with instructions to make your own delicious homemade vinegar. Net weight 8 fluid ounces.

Mother of Vinegar Culture - Red Wine
Sugg Price: $24.95
Exclusive Online SALE: $18.95
Mother of Vinegar Culture - White Wine
Sugg Price: $24.95
Exclusive Online SALE: $18.95

 ,,,  KICKSTART your Mother!  After you've combined your Mother of Vinegar with wine and water, grab your immersion blender and whirl away 'til it's nice and frothy!  That extra oxygen imbibes life into your mother for a quicker conversion!  

Thank you Kim Adams, our Vinegar Guru from over at Gang of Pour.