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Thank you for taking the time to drop us a note.  We love to hear from you!  If you are visiting our site for the first time, we're happy to share a few experiences from our customers!

We'd love to hear your thoughts on our American oak barrels, new products or things that you'd like to see, or whatever else you would like to share.


"This is Mike R.  I just wanted to thank you for your quick turn around on my order and to let you know I filled your barrel with Jim Beam.  As you know, I purchased it to be donated for an auction to benefit the local VFW and it sold for $500.  Several people commented on the fine workmanship of the barrel.  Thank you again!"  Mike R - Montgomery City, MO - 10Jun17

"Beautiful barrel with excellent workmanship."  Bill R - Ashburn, VA - 04Jun17

"If one tenth of the people/companies responded as quickly and efficiently as you guys, things could get done so much more quickly and happily ... making for a more productive world/society.  As for the pineapple, I decided to use a kombucha scoby to get things started ... we'll see what the results are!"  Dave B - Denver, CO - 16May17

"With barrel aging being ALL the rage here in Charleston, SC, you guys have great deals on the perfect sized bar barrels!  I'll be ordering more for our place soon.  Thanks for your great service and quick responses!"  Cheers!  John G - Charleston, SC - 10May17

"Love love LOVE my barrel ... I say "my" barrel - it's going to be the centerpiece for my favorite nephew's college graduation party and his gift to keep on his bar in his new apartment.  He's going to love it I know ... the engraving looks awesome!  Thank you for all your help and your special attention to details!"  Lisa R - Baytown, TX - 17Mar17

"The barrels are great, thank you!  Please send two more - same logo."  Michael L - General Mgr - Arlington Club - Portland, OR - 08Feb17

Thank you Eater.com staff for selecting us as part of 'The 2016 Eater Gift Guide ... Holiday Gifts for Food Obsessives'!  We're obsessively grateful!  Check them out - you'll find more great gift ideas for this holiday season! - Oak Barrels Ltd - Harlingen, Texas - 17Nov16

" ... we've been loving loving loving our barrel aged balsamic vinegar - it was absolutely awesome as a drizzled garnish over our grilled steak kabobs we had the other night!  You've got a great product!"  Natalie R - Houston, TX - 24Oct16

"The engraving looks fantastic!!! I can't wait to see the barrels in person ... thank you for your prompt and excellent service - Cheers!"  Amanda M - Napa, CA - 18Oct16

"Took our special engraved barrel to last weekend's Buckeye's tailgating 'event'!  Our friends loved, loved, loved our barrel-aged Manhattan's and couldn't get over how cool the barrel looked!  You guys and your barrels are just exceptional!  Thanks for a quality product, the awesome engraving job and your excellent customer service! Go Buckeye's!  O-H-I-O "  Miranda B - Dayton, OH - 20Sep16

"Hannah - it looks perfect!  I totally agree with your decision to change the font.  Thanks so much for giving me a call and for the voicemail.  Again I must say, customer service is excellent here.  I can't wait to see the barrel in person!" Steven L - San Francisco, CA - 12Sep16    (We take our custom engraving seriously and do our best to be sure you guys are pleased.  Yep ... and most of the time, you'll receive a call 'just to be sure' we're all on the same page!)

"Can I just tell you ... Thank you - you're simply the best!"  Carlos P - Legends - Bloomfield, NJ - 30Aug16

"Hannah ... thanks so much for sending another copy of my lost instruction sheet!  We are having so much fun with barrel-aging Manhattans and Vieux Carres!  Your barrels are wonderful and your customer support is greatly appreciated.  Cheers!"  Jackie J - Lake Quivera, KS - 30Aug16  (We emailed Jackie to see if she'll share their Vieux Carre recipe ... we'll 'hopefully' post it soon!)

"What a great barrel!  Exceeded my expectations.  Gave it to my son as a birthday gift and he was impressed. The engraving looked really good. Thanks again!"  Michael B - Fredricksburg, VA - 29Aug16

"I'm incredibly happy with my order!  I'd love to order another, same design, but would like the 2L.  I'll give you a call."  Robert K - Cordova, TN - 21Aug16

"Talk about an awesome "Stock the Bar" wedding gift - can I tell you that your barrel was the hit of the party.  I filled it with  Makers Mark and everybody had to give it a shot!  Thanks so much for doing the special engraving - it looked great!  Your product and customer service is the Bomb!"  M'Lissa C - Bear Lake, CA - 10Aug16 

"I just received your email about your sitewide sale - think you probably just saw my order come in.  I did a dumb thing a while back and purchased some barrels from somewhere else.  They leaked and well the finished product tasted horrible.  I spent a lot of money on barrels and product.  I've purchased 2 - 2l, 2 - 5l, and 1 - 20l barrels from you with great success and flavor.  I learned my lesson and I'm back forever!"  Dave B - Milwaukee, WI - 07.23.16

"Our wedding was two weeks ago - we served barrel-aged cocktails from our "wedding barrel" we ordered from you.  We mixed and started aging our Manhattans exactly one month before the wedding.  Each guest was served one as we made toasts to each other. They were dynamite!  We're going to make and start these exactly one month before each of our future anniversaries!  Thank you for all your help - the laser engraving was perfect.  You make a great barrel!"  Tom and Joanna D - San Jose, CA - 07.21.16

"Seriously - I am blown away.  This has been the quickest and friendliest on-line ordering interaction I have ever had.  Thank you!"  Kate S - Huxley, IA - 07.19.16   (Way to go Hannah!)

"I had to write this - mainly because, I want others to know what I experienced and I like to "pay it forward".  I just ordered from you guys.  I ordered previously from a cheaper place - I won't say their name but their initials are BO. I could never get in touch with them - no one ever answers a phone.  It took a minimum of two weeks for them to ship and two weeks later, when I finally received my order, all the stands arrived broken.  I have tried repeatedly to contact them - both by email and by phone.  Never a response.  I'm done with them.  I'm so glad I found a reputable company."  Carl G - Albany, NY - 07.02.16

"I have been using your barrels for over a year and love them.  I am on my 6th use with one of them.  Still getting great color and flavor from it.  I just purchased 2 more barrels and can't wait to use them." Turtle Mountain Brewing - Rio Rancho, NM - 06.27.16

"Thank you for your fantastic and fast service!  This is my second order and EVERYTHING is as promised!"  Bill K. - Rio Rancho, NM - 06.23.16

"Very nice barrels, thank you once again!  They are now sitting peacefully on the rack filled with 140P rye spirit, where they will remain for a while - depending on tasting.  BTW, I'm just finishing a small book for limited production detailing how to set up a small home distillery and make high quality Bourbon - I've included OBLtd as the go-to source for good barrels.  My best to you!" - Mel B., aka Old Spottsford - Warrenton, VA - 05.23.16

"These are the best oak barrels I have ever bought.  I started making my own whisky a couple of years ago, and one thing I learned is the most expensive part of whisky making is the barrel, and the most important thing about the flavor of the whisky is the barrel.  I have had several barrels from other vendors that simply don't compare to your barrels.  The other barrels appeared to be made out of old or used wood, perhaps old staves from previously used barrels.  That greatly diminishes the quality of the whisky.  It also increases the amount of time it takes to age the whisky, and decreases the number of times you can use the barrel.  These barrels appear to be made of fresh, un-used wood and provide excellent flavor quickly.  I have been able to use these barrels 2-3 times before they are spent.  The other barrels were marginal for a single aging.  From a quality and value standpoint, these are the best barrels I have seen."   Brent B. - Wenatchee, WA - 04.24.16

"I call to ask a question - I call to ask a about a gift and how quickly I can receive it - you guys are always there to help AND your barrels are beautiful - handcrafted showpieces!  Your customer service is excellent!  Thank you again."  Daryl R. - Etna, OH - 04.22.16

"We have ordered several oak barrels from you over the last couple of years - both personally for home and for our restaurant, Caruso's.  I just placed another order for two 5 L barrels that got delivered today.  I LOVE your stuff.  Appreciate the product."  Daniel C. - Angola, IN - 04.15.16

"I just wanted to say a big Thank You for the fantastic customer service I received when placing my order for the barrels.  The oak barrels are perfect and I'm so glad I found your company as a supplier."  Emma W - Sutton Surrey, United Kingdom - 04.01.16

"I am currently aging whiskey in a one liter barrel - I've found that 32 -35 days is just about right for my taste!  Some good stuff!"  Dave H. - Cincinnati, OH - 01.26.16

"Wanted you to know, my barrel-aged Manhattans were the hit of the New Year's Eve party!  I love your barrels!  We're hosting our neighborhood's Super Bowl event and our friends can't wait for the next batch!  You have a great product - Thanks again!"  Tim F. - El Dorado Hills, CA - 01.05.16

"I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your customer service.  You guys have just blown me away with your attention to detail and your helpfulness.  This experience has been awesome!  I appreciate all the updates, all the work you guys have done to make this happen ... again, I am so impressed.  Kudos to you!"  Anthony L. - Live Oak, CA - 01.04.16                      

(And now...for the rest of the story -  Anthony placed his order one week before Christmas and selected FedEd 3 Day delivery to make sure his gift would arrive by Christmas ... as luck would have it we had just sold out of our 5L vinegar barrels and called him to let him know that we wouldn't be able to ship that day ... but the good news - we had a truckload arriving with more vinegar barrels over the weekend and that his barrels would arrive Christmas Eve.  To our dismay, our truckload scheduled for a Sunday arrival - did not roll in until Tuesday morning ... he was but just one of our customers in the same situation - they'd upgraded their shipping to be certain they would receive their gifts ... but their gift would not arrive in time. We put the Golden Rule into action!  Hannah jumped into high gear and called and upgraded all our customers who had selected Express shipping - we've received many many thanks for making this happen.  Way to go Hannah!")

"Thank you - it's nice to see a company step up for their customers for a change.  I will definitely be back to buy other barrels and supplies and goods!"  Bob T - Shrewsbury, MA - 01.04.16

"Can I tell you how FANTASTIC Hannah Piper is ... I have called her several times with a multitude of questions and Hannah has always been so helpful and knowledgeable.  This is certainly not the norm these days.  If I left her a message - she always returned my call in just a short time.  I had to write this note - you just don't get this kind of service and care any more.  I think she'll soon be President of your company!  Your company does things right!  Best wishes for a prosperous 2016!" - J Diamond - Cobleskill, NY - 12.31.15

"You guys are seriously the best!  Amazing shipping speed, especially around the holidays.  I'm really appreciative."  Karen Y. - Maplewood, NJ - 12.21.15

"Your barrel just arrived and it is awesome!  I know I'll be ordering more for birthdays ... and maybe one for me.  Hannah - thank you so much for your personal customer care.."  Becky L. - Marietta, GA - 12.19.15

"Thank you, just phenomenal SERVICE!  Happy Holidays!  Trevell L. - Bridgeview, IL - 12.18.15

"I am the bar manager in a grill and bar in northern New Jersey.  I have been using your oak barrels for over 3 years at my restaurant.  I found your company when I was looking for groomsman gifts for my wedding and I have loved your barrels ever since.  At the restaurant, I currently have 4 of your barrels that I use to age bourbon and other cocktails.  Over the years we've even become known for my barrel-aged cherry vanilla bourbon and more recently - my cocktails.  I appreciate you letting me know about my shipping date and I definitely know that the quality is far superior to other barrels.  Thank you for taking the time to get back to me."  Joe L - St Moritz Grill & Bar - Sparta, NJ - 12.16.15

"Had to let you know that I got your Age-your-own Balsamic set a while back.  I can not believe the difference the barrel makes to regular Balsamic vinegar.  I have started using my balsamic in salad dressings - it is so so good.  I did not put  all of the vinegar that was sent  with the set into the barrel - I use that leftover to compare how it did taste and how it does taste now.  Wow!  I'm ordering another bottle to add to my barrel when it gets down a little more  and I'm getting 3 more sets as gifts for friends.  Thank you! - Susan R - St Louis, Mo - 12.01.15


  "Thumbs up!" Jordan C - San Francisco, CA - 11.23.15

"You asked me about sharing my Barrel Aged Port recipe - well, here it is.  I make it in a 5L barrel - 10 oz of good brandy or cognac; 8 oz of Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon; one big splash of bourbon and fill the barrel with any cheap Tawny Port.  Start sampling in about six weeks  - I ususally leave it in for about 2 months.  When you're happy with the flavor decant into bottles and start over again!  I've made a few batches it's good!  I'm getting my next batch ready for the Holidays.  Love your barrels."  Oleg C. - El Dorado Hills, CA - 11.09.15

"Good news!  I got my barrels today.  They look and smell great!  I'm in the process of prepping them and all is good.  I appreciate the craftmanship.  I will be aging some wine in them and will be ordering more from you soon.  Cheers!" - Mike S - San Francisco, CA - 11.09.15

"...just ordered a barrel for a good friend who couldn't get over how great our Lemon Ginger Drop cocktails were at our Halloween costume party we had the other night.  We used 2 bottles of vodka, around a 3/4 cup of Limoncello and and equal amount of Ginger liqueur - aged it in our 2L for around a month or so.  Everybody loved them.  Thanks for taking care of me again - love your barrels.  PS We're working on a new one for our Christmas party - we'll let you know how it turns out." - Kevin G - Benson, NC - 11.6.15

"I got 2 vinegar barrels along with a couple of jars of Mother just a few months ago - the mothers took off right away!  We wanted you guys to know we are loving our vinegars - we'll never go back to store bought again." - Jon B - New Orleans, LA - 10.30.15  (Jon purchased a toasted vinegar barrel for his red wine vinegar and an un-toasted vinegar barrel for his white wine vinegar.)


"These 5L's are absolutely fantastic.  They sealed so quickly!  Thought you might like this photo :)  - Matt M - Long Island, NY - 10.22.15

"Great barrels.  I'm so glad I finally found a good company that makes good barrels.  Thank you." - Thomas F - Madison, Ct - 10.16.15

"My son is going to school at The University of Texas in Austin.  I got a10 L barrel for he and his fraternity brothers - they filled it with Tequila at the beginning of football season and get a shot whenever the Longhorns score a touchdown.  They LOVE it! I was there last week and had to partake - I couldn't believe how much smoother and better the tequila had gotten - the barrel had really made a difference and that's why I'm ordering another one for myself.  A new tradition has begun - Hook'em Horns!" - Kenneth L - San Angelo, TX - 10.14.16  (We asked for a pic - hopefully he'll send us one to share.)

"Thanks for your phone call answering my question on increasing the acidity of vinegar - you guys are awesome. We've been making red wine vinegar since I ordered my vinegar oak barrel in May 2012 - we get a batch every 100 - 120 days.  We leave around 1/4th in the barrel and bottle the rest - it just keeps on making vinegar just like you said.  Our friends are always clamoring for more.  The vinegar is very good - store bought doesn't come close in comparison.   Good to talk with you." - Tony B - Troy, Mi - 10.13.15 (Note:  By the way...to increase your vinegar's acidity, cut back on your ratio of water to wine - the stronger the alcohol level, the stronger the acidity of your vinegar.)

"Thanks for your quick return call and your help!  I didn't even think to look at the instructions to prep the barrel for storage.  We filled our barrel with wine Saturday night - all is well.  Your customer service is the best!  I'll be sure to recommend your company to all my friends and family.  Thanks again!" - Lindsey D - Lewis Center, Ohio - 10.12.15

"Thanks Hannah!  A quick story about the Red Wine vinegar that I made.  I got married on Oct 1, 2011 and we had red wine at the wedding and we had some left over.  We have kept it all this time and we realized it wasn't as good as it was then.  I did not want to throw it away, so I came up with the idea of making vinegar with it.  So, I landed on your web site and fast forward to today. ... Well I can say I now have vinegar after many weeks and it is AWESOME!  Best of all, vinegar has been made from our left over wedding wine!  Like everything else, it is a learning process.  In the meantime, I'm making vanilla extract in the 1L vanilla barrel I bought from you guys.  A side note:  for my birthday I received a 1 L oak barrel from another company and I had nothing but trouble with it.  So, I decided to go ahead and get your 1 L barrel for the vanilla - it is a MUCH better barrel.  The quality is markedly better than the other companiy's barrel.  Thanks again!" - Lawrence H - Ruther Glen, VA - 10.10.15

"Order received today.  They are adorable, and exactly what I wanted!  Thanks again."  Charlene O'S. - Henrico, VA  - 08.18.15

"I'm back!  Thank you so much for the quick fix - got the beer transferred.  It's a dark stout beer with a caramel nose and a rye back - got this recipe from my grandfather who worked at Busch.  I just wanted to take the time to say thank you so much. I'll send you pictures in about a month more when I thief some out to taste!  Your local mad scientist and apothecary!"  Leo P - Bowling Green, MO - .07.16.15

"In the past I purchased 2 - 10L barrels and could not be ANY HAPPIER with the performance and character it has added to my custom spirits!  It has been a new experience to me and Now I just ordered 2 more barrels and am looking forward to my next batch.  Cheers!"  Joe M. - Binghampton, NY - 06-21-15

"Thanks to all for your prompt, courteous and effective advice.  Good customer service is a rare thing these days, in fact any service at all is rare and your company is a breath of fresh air.  I spread the word."  Jill V. - Ojai, CA - 06.02.15

"Your barrel made me some out-of-this-world Absinthe - used angelica root, anise seed, coriander, fennel, grande wormwood, lemon balm, licorice root, lemon peel and added some star anise pods at the end.  This stuff is good!  Thanks again for an awesome product!"  Leonard P. - Bowling Green, MO - 04.20.15

"Wow, I am impressed with the craftsmanship of my barrel and how authentic it looks.  It's a great addition to my medieval reenactments!  I'll surely be ordering more!"  Aram S. - Vernon, BC, Canada - 04.11.15

"I just received the mother for the red wine vinegar you sent.  That was very quick!  It was packed as carefully as I would pack a fresh egg.  Impressive.  The real surprise came when I opened the little jar.  The mother is huge!  Five years ago I purchased my first mother from a local dealer and got a 1" square.  You are extremely generous.  I am so much looking forward to age my vinegar in your lovely 5 liter oak barrel.  Thank you for such exquisite customer service and professionalism.  Another, very, very satisfied customer. Ambra W. - Kent, WA - 02.17.15

"Got my spigots!  Thank you.  Wanted to let you know what a pleasure it was, not only to interact with you and your company, but also to help people who are making things from scratch, prosper."  Wishing you well.  Kathryn S. - Fort Bragg, CA - 01.11.15

"Hi, I am so disappointed with my vinegar barrel.  It's like a piece of furniture!  No one will guess it's hand crafted; I guess I'll have to add the patina!  It stopped dripping after only 6 hours.  What incredible workmanship."  Cheers!  Bobby G. - Minneapolis, MN - 12.23.14

"Hey Hannah - The barrels arrived, look great and I'm very happy with them.   I send one to a friend in Chicago as a Christmas gift, and he liked it so much he asked where I got them so he can get more!  Just wanted to say thanks for the great customer service and for the great product you have.  Merry Christmas"  Max H. - Knoxville, TN - 12.12.14

"LOVELOVELOVE the barrel I bought.  It's nice to see that there are still a few things left that are handcrafted and show the maker's pride.  Beautiful.  Thanks - and happy holidays."  Regards, Mark M. - New Haven, CT - 11.26.14

"I had to write this note to you guys - can I say your little barrels are awesome!  Just had a smash hit party last weekend - served my special barrel-aged Manhattan's and everybody went CRAZY for them!  It's a good thing I went for the larger 5L size because we drained it dry.  You have a great product!"  Barry B. - Ada, OK - 11.05.14

"You (Hannah) and Your company are awesome.  I have recommended Oak Barrels Ltd to all my home brew buddies.  Thanks again for being a top notch company and - a pleasure to do business with!"  Sincerely, Todd T. - Prairieville, LA - 10.07.14

"I don't normally take the time to provide feedback on typical mail order purchases, but in this case - I am making an exception.  I have now placed two orders with your company for a total of 8 barrels.  I must say that I am very pleased!  The quality of the barrels is very good and the price was very reasonable.  I was also impressed with the quality of packaging and speed of shipping.  Thank you!  I look forward to sampling the results of my "aging" and to sharing some of these with my family as gifts.  Regards, JR H. - Sugarland, TX - 09.03.14

"Hi Hannah - my name is David D.  About a month ago I ordered four (1 - 10L, 2 - 5L's and 1 - 2L) barrels from you guys.  They came - and I just have to tell you - they are beautiful.  I've used barrels from other companies and I love the barrels you sent me.  Immediately when I filled them with water - they dripped about 2 drops of water and that was all.  I love the smell.  A little bit of bourbon that's been sitting in one is picking up a really nice flavor already.  So I just wanted to thank you and please pass this on - you guys have a great product and I'll be callling you again.  Thanks again." - Voice Mail from David D. - Wolcott, VA - 08.01.14

"Thank you.  The barrel arrived in good order.  I must say its quality shows.  Not sure what I was expecting - so happy with it.  Thanks again." - Bernie H.  'By the work you will know the workman.' - Henrico, VA - 07.25.14

"Received my 20 L barrel today.  As expected, a quality product.  Thanks again." - John W - Winston Salem, NC - 06.20.14

"My barrel is awesome.  Great quality, quick delivery, excellent price, thank you very much!"  Greetings - Jonas B - Munchen, Germany - 06.16.14

"Let's hear it for great service from Oak Barrels Ltd, Hannah.  Thank you so much.  I'll forward some of our barreling successes!"  "P.S. 'your turn around time from my voice mail is pretty impressive too' " - Jerry M - Sandy Springs, GA - 05.29.14

"Please share with your prospective customers.  The barrels on the LEFT are from YOUR cooperage.  The barrel on the RIGHT I purchased from my local brew club.  Rusted bands, still leaking after 2 months:     

You should have already received my order for a PROPER 20 liter barrel.  Only Oak Barrels Ltd. from now on."  John W. - Winston Salem, NC - 05.28.14 [John purchased his original barrels from us in March 2013 - he's been using them to age brandy (5L), port (10L).]

"I just wanted to say THANK YOU for all your help and incredible customer service throughout the ordering process and after - while waiting for the barrels to arrive.  I ended up buying 6.  Three for my groomsmen, and one for each of our Father's for Father's Day.  The fact that you took the time to phone me directly to help answer all my questions sets you apart from any other company out there.  When I had questions about the hoops and size you would recommend, I received a phone call to help me make up my mind.  Before my barrels arrived and I wanted to make stencils, you found a 2L barrel in your house, measured up the exact dimensions and sent them to me.  Your customer service is second to none!  We ended up making a stencil and personalizing each barrel - the finished product looked fantastic.  Our Father's loved them and so did the groomsmen.  They were the perfect gift and we are trying to arrange a time for all of us to get together to try out each of our barrel-aged spirits. 

    ... I'm attaching a pic taken the morning of the wedding when I gave the boys their barrels.  They look fantastic!  When I'm ready for my next barrel, I'll be calling!  Thanks again for everything and for helping my wife and I make incredible memories!  Rob B - Ontario, Canada - 04.04.13

"I received the barrel you sent and it is working great.  I just wanted to thank you for your help.  I wish all businesses were as efficient and professional as Oak Barrels Ltd.  I look forward to purchasing from your company in the future."  Stephen B - East Boston, MA - 04.03.14

"This may be the most interesting use that one of your barrels was ever used for.  We will ferment, or perhaps just serve some "camas bread beer" brewed up like Private John Collinsdid on the Lewis and Clark expedition in 1805 on the Columbia River between Oregon and Washington.  Some of the camas (root) bread that they were using for food got moldy and unbeknownst to the captains, he brewed it up for the crew.  The captains (and crew?) thought it refreshing or similar.  There will be a published article with lots more details about this in the August quarterly Journal of the Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation.  We plan to serve it - if successful - this early August at the annual meeting in Tricities Washington."  John L, Lewis & Clark Authority, Juliaetta, ID - 04.01.14  (John purchased a 10L barrel for his camas brew - we plan on staying in touch.  Stay tuned for more news!)

"The postman just dropped off my barrel.  The little barrel is so cute.  I love it!"  Bart S - Mount Gilead, OH - 03.15.14

"I just got my 2L oak barrels with galvanized hoops.  I was so impressed I ordered two more.  I did as the instructions said and they stopped dripping in about 30 minutes.  I'm going to fill them with different types of booze and enjoy it as it ages.  Nice work on the barrels."  Ken B - Belleville, MI - 03.13.14

"I operate a website that faces professional bartenders (mixologists), beverage mangers and spirit buyers.  I've been using your barrels for a few years now and love your barrels.  I've done a post on barrel-aging and think you might enjoy seeing it."  Chris T - San Francisco, Ca - 02.25.14  [ ... Chris has a great website with tons of good info ... www.ABarAbove.com ... you can check out his 'very well-done' video at www.ABarAbove.com/barrel-aged-cocktails/ ... 

"While on a recent trip to South Texas we enjoyed what we think is some of the best aged balsamic vinegar EVER!  Our hosts shared their secret - it was one of your little oak barrels.  We had to get one for ourselves and for our favorite Aunt Linda.  As you can see ...  ... she loves it!  Great barrel - great craftmanship - awesome results!"  Joe L - North Kawartha, Ontario - 02.23.14

"I have purchased numerous oak barrels from Oak Barrels Ltd and have been very happy with your product.  Having used these barrels for two years in a row and being quite satisfied with the results, I have found them to impart ideal flavors and aromas which have only enhanced our homemade wines.  Just wanted you to know you have a wonderful product.  Thanks again."  Tom S - Plymouth, MA - 02.12.14

"I just received my 1 liter barrels and I couldn't be happier.  I am so impressed with your customer service.  The friendly phone call on the status of my barrels was very nice.  It's so rare nowadays to get personalized service.  Keep up the good work.  Thanks again."  Joe S. - Inner Grove Heights, MN - 11.19.14

"Love the barrels and I'm super impressed with your communication and follow-up.  I will definitely recommend your company!  Thanks again."  Bridgette S. - Aliso Viejo, CA - 12.16.13

"Thank you for your update.  I'm sorry that I missed your call - it's not often that a personal phone call is made on an internet order.  I commend your attention to detail and personal serivce.  You just made a customer happy and I will put the word out that you are the place to go."  Dan W. - Colbert, WA - 12.08.13

It's rare these days to receive a phone call for a shipping status update.  It is very much appreciated to know that I am being well taken care of.  I know my wife will love the barrels as it will be her Christmas gift.  Thanks again."  Sean K. - Happy Valley, OR - 12.07.13

Thanks again! This is my 2nd purchase from you - I got my husband one recently and we love it!"  Molly A. - Kansas City, MO - 12.07.13

"Thank you very much Hannah!  All of us here at Smiling Bride's think you guys are the greatest to work with.  Always a breeze ordering with you guys - have a wonderful Christmas."  Ed T. - Huguenot, NY - 12.05.13

"Thanks so much for your barrel!!  It came when you said it would and sealed up overnight.  I placed some 2012 Malbec and started it to age.  One week later I tasted and it was wonderful!!  Great product and price.  Thanks.  Gary L - Pittsburgh, PA - 11.29.13 

"I just want to thank you very much for your handling my order.  I'm sorry I needed to cancel it.  I did see the correction (as you said you would make) on my credit card account today.  The world needs more people like you.  I wish you all the best."  Paul L. - Halifax, Nova Scotia - 11.06.13  (If an order has not shipped and for some reason, it needs to be cancelled - of course, we are going to refund your charge back to your credit card ... promptly.)

"Love your barrels!"  I'm going to get more vanilla and vinegar ones for my Distrct Judge, staff and family for Christmas.  You guys have been so nice and helpful, and Hannah - thank you - some companies don't respond with emails like you and your company and that means alot to me!!!!!  Deputy Paul L - Angelina County, TX - 10.16.13

One on our customers received their barrel just a few days ago and emailed us a note ... "my oak barrel arrived today and it's absolutely gorgeous however the spigot has a small leak."   We of course sent a replacement out right away.  She was nice enough to send us another note ... here's what she said,  "Thank you so very much!  I could have gone with a cheaper company but your reviews were stellar and to be honest, happy customer service reports make it or break it for me.  I really appreciate it."  Denise D. - Linden, PA - 09.20.13

"Absolutely first class work.  My compliments to your cooper.  It is quite a skill and the quality shows.  The town I lived in back in Vermont had a cooper.  I spent nights watching him work in my yourth.  He did large tubs for farms and also supplied to a hot tub maker.  Once I make this first batch of Manhattans, i want to try aging some custom-recipe cocktails.  Can't wait to give them a try - I'll stay in touch."  Tom R. - Plymouth, MI - 09.19.13

"I placed an order for a 5L barrel at 9AM and 25 hours later, a beautifully crafted barrel was sitting on my doorstep.  Thank you all!"  Matt N. - Houston, TX - 08.30.13

"First  I want to thank you very much for your friendly and outstanding service.  Your telling me about 'homebrewery.com' was a big help.  Thank you again.  I like my barrel, and as soon as I get the airlock and drilled stopper I will put it to good use."  Kind regards,  Gary H. - Swartz Creek, MI - 08.25.13  (Gary purchased a 20L barrel and is using it for his next homebrew concoction!)

"We waited eagerly for the weeks to pass, and after they had, the resulting vinegar was just as smooth and rich as we remembered our friend Ruth Lively's to be."  Another nice testament from Ruth and Tim at the Eat Well, Eat Cheap blog whose focus is -  "Quit that restauranat habit and shrink that bar bill.  Here's how to cook delicious meals at home - and find wine bargains for less than $10 a bottle!"  You can check out their article and more at:  http://eatwelleatcheap.blogspot.com/2012/02/make-it-yourself-vinegar.html.   08.20.13


"The oak barrels were a huge success - the awards were a smashing hit!    Thanks for all the help!"  Judy H. - Ione, CA - 07.29.13  (Judy created the awards presented to various entrants at the Annual Alfa Romeo Owners Club USA convention held in Sonoma County, CA)

"I received your 20 L barrel yesterday and I am extremely pleased - so pleased, I decided to order another.  I spoke with Hannah.  She is very professional, likeable and helpful.  Your organization is a pleasure to deal with.  Thank you for your service."  CMSGT Ray S. Ret - Ada, OK - 07.19.13

"Greetings!  I just published an article about aging white rum at home in the solera style.  I used 2 of your 2-liter barrels.  The result was fantastic.  The new charred American oak rounded out the famously funky and raw J Wray, giving it big smoke notes and imparting a bit of vanilla."  Josh M - Spirits & Cocktails Writer - Emeryville, CA - 06.27.13  (Josh shares his recipe and method of Solera Aging Rum at Home  - check out this informative article at http://inuakena.com/misc/solera-aging-rum-at-home/ ).

" ...you have such a neat product that can be used by anyone, whether in homes, restaurants or bars or elsewhere.  I'm still sipping on my barrel-aged Negronis and I love it!"  Scott C. - Atlanta, Ga - 06.04.13  (You won't want to miss visiting Scott's informative blog - The Cocktailian at http://thecocktailian.blogspot.com/ )

Yes ... we just had to share this with you.  How about a GREAT recipe for your next Barrel-Aged Old-Fashion's?     You'll want to read Richard S's (Springhill, Fl) recipe on our Facebook page - doesn't matter what time of day it is, once you read it you'll be ready to try one!  We love his idea about using a blender.  Here's a snap ... of some of his most recent aging creations - the picture here is pretty small ... the other two 5L barrels are filled with his special Manhattan's and ... ready for this .... Orangecello!  He's promised to send those recipes as well ....enjoy!  Cinda

LOVE your oak barrels and have recommended them to others.  i really like the small footprint of the 1 liter barrels.  They can fit so much easier in our smaller space.   Diane T. - Hillsborough, NC 05.07.13


Check it out!         Just bottled a Manhattan last night - aged it with mole bitters...holy hell - it was delicious!   Jacob S. - West Hartford, CT 03.28.13


I used these barrels for groomsmen gifts for my wedding.  I customized each one via wood burning and gave them to my boys filled with whiskey.  Needless to say they loved them.  So do I.  They really age the whiskey and add new dimensions to it ...and I'm a whiskey fanatic.  And - they're MUCH better than another crummy engraved hip flask!   Stogie M - US 03.24.13

Hi - I am the Food & Beverage Manager at the Parkersburg Country Club.  I have recently purchased one of your barrels and made a batch of manhattans which were delicious!  You have a great product!   Troy G. - Vienna, WV 03.20.13

The barrels are here and they are beautiful!  We absolutely love them!  Thanks, and talk to you next year for more!  Jim W. - Longbranch, WA 03.19.13

I absolutely just love the 2L barrel I have now.  I'm looking forward to the 10L!  Thank you so much!   Terance J. - Avondal, AZ 03.07.13

I bought a 2 liter barrel for one purpose:  experiment.  The result was a great Christmas present for my brother.  I started out with curing the barrel with water and then filled it up with Madeira and let it sit for one month - then I put a self-composed Islay blend in and let it sit for 2 weeks.  The result was unexpected and the quality of the oak was sublime.  Next time i will go for a higher capacity barrel to make more capacity of this unique experience.  Kristoffer S. - Oslo, Norway - 02.15.13

I received my 5L and placed the 1L barrel in the mail on Friday.  You should receive this week.  Your products are excellent and your customer service is wonderful!  Thank you for making my buying experience a delight.  Have a great day.  Dani B - Phoenix, AZ - 02.12.13  (Dani decided her 1L was too small and reordered a larger 5L)

We have had wonderful success with our little barrel, mellowing some pretty raw Caribbean rum into ambrosia, or something like ambrosia!  The barrel is lovely and definitely functional, and we thank you very, very much for making such a GOOD product.  Kip R - Oxford, MD - 01.27.13

...my 3rd order girl ... love'em!  Leonard P III - Bowling Green, MO - 01.23.13

I have just received the barrel.  All is well - it is a sweet little thing and it will soon be filled with a local made aquavita called "Morsa" originally from 1833.  At the peak of production our little town call Moss produced up to 2.3 million litres per year - all based on patato spirite.  Best Wishes from Finn A. - Moss, Norway - 01.16.13

Oak barrels arrived today, the quality is far better than I had ever expected.  Great Job, I would recommend your company for all to try.  I will order again as the need arises.  Thank you - Lloyd B - A very happy customer. - Phoenix, AZ - 01.15.13

Hi, I was writing to comment on my experience with your company.  My mother ordered a vinegar barrel and red wine mother as a gift for me this Christmas.  She is not very computer literate and struggled with ordering.  She ended up having to place separate orders for each item.  We were both very impressed that someone from your company noticed this and took the time to contact her to see if she would like both items shipped together so she could save on shipping.  I would like to sincerely thank you for such excellent customer service.  I was thrilled with your product and with your company's ethics.  I am looking forward to using my new barrel and have been, and will continue to, recommend your company to my friends.  Cheers!  Leticia G. - 01.08.13

The barrels arrived on Friday and in great condition.  These are superb quality and craftmanship!  Thank you.  Chris F. - New Haven, CT - 12.05.12

I am ecstatic about the results from my barrels.  I am a Scotch aficionado and use my 5L's to make my own personal blends.  I take several of my favorite Scotches and combine them to make my creations - I record exactly what percentages of each that I use for each blend and save a bit so that I can compare and so my friends can compare - they can't believe the difference.  It's amazing what the barrels do and how quickly it all happens.  Thank you again!  Eric W. - Westlake Village, CA - 12.04.12

Thanks for your quick response.  I can't believe how well you treat your customers.  I wish all companies follwed your lead.  Stephen B. - Boston, MA - 12.02.12

Dear OBL ... I just completed ordering a 10L barrel with brass hoops for aging port and can't wait to get it.  My girlfriend bought me 2 - 1L's (one for bourbon and the other for scotch) last year and they are among my most prized possessions.  I'm using my scotch barrel to age some cognac right now and am eagerly anticipating my latest results.  Thank you for a great product.   C. J. -  Randolph, MA - 10.31.12

Heeere's Bubba!   Bubba is a very unique 1931 Model A Ford,  Redneck-Hillbilly Special!  Bubba is a regular in the Gold Country of California and Bubba's home base is in the Gold Rush Town of Coulterville near Yosemite National Park.  He's been in many parades and car shows here in California - he purposefully looks like "junk", but is in fact a very safe and very well running automobile.  FYI - the barrel has been purposefully made to look somewhat "aged and distressed".  I've collected barels for may years and your barrel is a beauty - very well made and priced reasonably.  Thanks very much for a great product,  Dave S.  Coulterville, CA - 10.09.12

Just wanted to let you know that my tobacco is doing great.  On October 22nd, it will have been aging for 6 months and will be ready to smoke then.  The aroma of the bourbon has infused into the tobacco and it smells wonderful.  I can't wait to try it!  The barrel is also a decorative piece in our living room.  We love it and I'll be back to you when I start my home brewing ... which should be very soon.   Thanks, Ben C.  Hickory, NC - 10.05.12   |   Ben (see note from May) has been aging his tobacco in one of our specialty Vanilla barrels.)

I'm back again ordering more barrels!  I wanted you to see a picture of what I do here in Ronks, PA.  We have sold quite a few - I've made them to run either by DeWalt battery or by electricity.    Abner F - Ronks, Pa - 09.24.12   (I just called Abner to tell him how much I enjoyed seeing his lamp and asked if he minded that I share it with you online ... if you are interested in learning more, please send him an email to abner@asiideas.com  - he will be sure to respond!)

I just received my barrel - thank you ... it arrived in excellent condition and I can't believe the craftmanship.  I've been reading about the barrel-aged cocktails and decided I had to try these at home .. the holidays are almost here!  My friends are going to love them!  Thank you again for your great customer service.  Susan R - Galveston, Tx - 09.22.12

Our barrels are handcrafted - our cooper is a third generation cooper...he does amazing work.  Every once in awhile, there is a barrel that has a problem ... it's not frequent - but ... it does happen.  Here's a note I just received ... thought you might enjoy reading it.:      The replacement barrel arrived today.  I have to commend you and your company on your customer service.  I look forward to doing more business with Oak Barrels, Ltd.   Thanks, Andrew S - Roswell, Ga - 09.18.12

Your product is pure genius!  And a mixologist's dream!  Just thought I'd drop you a quick message ...  I have placed another order but this time to be used in our new venue, the 360 Bar Lounge & Club.  The management here have loved the barrel-aged cocktail creations I have done with the barrels I bought some months ago therefore ... they are now a full feature on the menu for good!

A recipe that I tried and that became a star - our Jumeirah Beach Barrel-Aged Cocktail is great  ... and still is aging wonderfully:

     Bacardi Oak Heart Rum - macerated with Rum Raisins and Toasted Sesame Seeds

     Maraschino Luxardo

     Mozart Chocolate Liqueur

     Angostura Bitters

Been aging this around 3 months or so and going wonderfully!

Thank you, Marcus K, Mgr Uptown Cocktail Lounge & Terrace | Jumeirah Beach Hotel | Dubai, United Arab Emirates - 09.04.12


I just finished one of my wife's Christmas presents - thought you would enjoy seeing my finished product!!   ...  As you can tell, she is an avid fan of Coca-Cola memorabilia.  She's going to love it!  John K. - Liverpool, Pa - 08.23.12

Just started "harvesting" the vinegar.  It turned out great and is a big hit with friends and family.  John L. - St Charles, MO - 08.19.12 

Your barrels are second to none.  The craftmanship and coopering is exquisite.  Thank you so much for being in business.  Leonard P. III ... Descendant of the McCoy family - Bowling Green, MO - 08.19.12

We received our Barrels and we're so HAPPY with the way they look and perform.  Thank you SO MUCH for such a GREAT PRODUCT.  We will certainly be recommending you to all our friends and family.  Thank You Again!  Laurie H. - Grace, ID - 07.23.12

I purchased 2 barrels from you a while back and the vinegar is brilliant!  Just placed another order - the large 1 is for my father-in-law who wants to start a batch.  The little one I plan on putting Grappa in to age.  Been making back yard Grappa for many years.  Cheers!   Jeff S. - Crosswicks, NJ - 07.11.12

Received the oak barrels I purchased at the end of June.  I received them promptly and in excellent shape.  I wanted them to use as props for some still life photography I was planning on doing.  In order to give the barrels a "weathered" look, I stained them with a wax stain to darken them up.   Attached is a sample photograph of how I've been using the barrels.  Thank you again for your assistance.  I love the barrels and your service!!!    Dave M. - Folsom, CA - 07.10.12  (I wanted to share this wonderful photo with all of you .. however - as a special note ... for aging etc purposes we do not recommend any type of wax, stain etc be used on the barrels.  Cinda)


Here we are!    Me and my barrel - she's sitting with some port in her, seasoning for about another 4 weeks.  My ambitious project is being recorded in this whisky chat forum, if you are interested ... http://www.whiskywhiskywhisky.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=6242 .  Alan R - Aberdeen, Scotland UK  - 06.01.12

Absolutely LOVE my barrel-aged cocktails!  Your barrels are the bomb!  I found your company on the link mentioned on the Summit Sips blog - thought you might like to see some of the recipes etc.  http://www.summitsips.com/2012/02/barrel-aged-cocktails   Thanks again.   James A. - Seattle, WA - 05.13.12

I contacted you a while back about purchasing a 1 liter barrel to age tobacco in. I just wanted to let you know that I just finished aging bourbon in the barrel for 3 months. The bourbon's character was much milder and richer. I am now aging my home-grown pipe tobacco in the barrel. I believe it is going to turn out to be fantastic. I'll give you a final update after the tobacco ages for 6 months.

Oak Barrels, Ltd is a really nice business. I hope everything is going well.


Ben C - Hickory, NC - 05.09.12   |   Back in January, Ben called to say he wanted to try his hand at barrel-aged tobacco.  He ended up ordering a Vanilla Extract Barrel for his project.  Both of us delved into what we could find - here's a little more from our conversation back then:  Thanks for helping me out. I look forward to the arrival of my barrel. I just wanted to let you know that there is a difference between aging and fermenting tobacco. Fermenting is putting it in high heat and humidity to quickly change its characteristics, while aging is letting it naturally mellow and gain sweetness. So what I'll be doing with this barrel is aging the tobacco, and hopefully it will take will reflect some characteristics of the oak container... Sounds like his project is moving along!  Cinda

Thank you Cinda.. your barrels are great...  I must tell you I had a Mexican company contact me and I purchased some of there barrels because they were such a great price.. .What a dumb*** I was...They all leaked and I am stuck with some junk.. Your barrels are second to none.  I have learned a lesson.

Thank you for your product,

Mike - KY - 05.03.12

This is a fantastic article.  Thank you for the article and the manner in which you conduct business.  Regards.  Gordon K - Newport, NC - 04.29.12 (Gordon had wanted some information on making Brandy - his question to me was "out of my league" ... so I found this article online and sent it to him - if you are interested in Brandy ... you might find it interesting as well:   http://www.madehow.com/Volume-7/Brandy.html

I got the barrel.  Got back in town on Saturday and checked it out.  I think it's perfect.  I just called to say thanks - I couldn't be happier with it. I'm going to send you some pcitures so you can see it at home with the peanuts in it and stuff on the bar.  But anyway - I just wanted to say I got it and thank you very much.  It's great...better than I could have imagined.  So take care ... Voice mail from Mark W - Leesburg, VA - 04.23.12 (Mark wanted a barrel for his bar - not for booze this time, but to hold peanuts.  We had it custom made to his specs.)

I have just purchased several of your small casks, and I am very impressed with the quality of the work.  I would like to purchase more barrels, but am wondering if you do any special orders - crafting?  I would love to have larger barrels for making vanilla.  Is that possible?  Thank you!  Marc V - Carlisle, Pa - 04.15.12  (Answer:  Yes - we take special orders such as these.)

I just received my barrel.  All I can say is awesome.  I am swelling it now.  Gonna fill it as soon as it is ready.  Thank you for a great product obviously made with pride.  Tim B - Centre Hall, PA - 03.01.12

Thanks for the spigots to get my black hoop barrel working. Your company's service is excellent. It is a pleasure doing business with you all.  Thanks again. Sincerely, Eddie - New Market, VA - 02.21.12

Thank you for the prompt response and solution....it is a welcome change from the norm.  Happy Valentine's Day to you as well.    Scott - Mountain View, CA - Feb 14, 2012

Many thanks for the swift delivery.  My pirate shipmates are very impressed by the quality of the barrel and will be ordering a large one in the future. Many thanks again, Mick - Hampshire, Great Britain  - Jan 27, 2012

Thank you so much! I am honestly blown away by such a quick response. Please know that my husband and I are kind of the fore-runners of a group of folks in Austin who are really into good cocktails. Every time I post about what we've been doing I get questions. In fact, when we were at a local wine merchant purchasing liquor for the cocktail that we just put into the other barrel, they were fascinated by what we were doing. Because of our great experience with your company with our initial purchase, and now even more so, we have always been quick to let people know where we purchased our barrels. Now I have an even better story for why they should purchase from you guys. I hope we can send many more customers your way as we love supporting Texas businesses. 

Also, we bottled the rye whiskey we barrel-aged for a month. The change was unbelievable! No one believes us that in only a month we were able to take an inexpensive rye whiskey and make it sip-able. This has been such a fun adventure that I know we'll continue. Hopefully, aging a Manhattan will be another eye opener!

Thanks again for your help. 

April - Austin, Tx - Jan 23, 2012


Hello Oak Barrels,
   '6 STARS; is the only way i can start out with this message. Received my new barrel yesterday morning. followed the directions and filled it with water to allow it to swell.. hats off to your cooper as i never had one drop seep from anywhere on the barrel. not even from the   spigot or the bung. Returned to my garage this morning and the barrel was still completely dry just as i had left it last night.
   Well being the impatient one that i am I went ahead and filled it with my home made 101 proof peach shine.. I will probably loose more of the angels share as i know more will be absorbed due to not waiting but i don't care as i will top it off for the next few days..
   Now talk about a gift for someone, I received a new laptop for Christmas and also a new shotgun. Just want to say that neither of those can compare to the enjoyment i am having just kicking back and throwing a log on the fire every once in awhile and watching spirits age in a keg.  Great job Cinda and the best of luck to you.  You will be hearing from me again and i will tell everyone i have dealings with just what they are missing.. can't wait till this afternoon to start sampling. ha ha!

Joe - Uniontown, PA - Jan 15, 2012



You rock! So here is the plan. I am filling this beauty with Tito's, pot still, 100 percent corn, handmade, delicious Vodka. The venue will be a tasting and a celebration of fine Bourbons with the filling of the oak cask! I am completely unsure of the End result, but I suspect it will turn into a nice smooth Whiskey and a biannual, or much more often tasting event. I will keep you in the know for the results and maybe get a taste to you! Jeff - Dec 20, 2011


Voicemail Transcription:

This is David (Avague?) in Saint Louis, Missouri. I just received your (barrel?), it is like one of the coolest things I've ever seen before. Thank you so much and you'll be hearing from me again. Thanks. - Voice Mail 12.02.11


Dear Cinda,

Thought you would enjoy these.  Here's some of the pictures of the wooden barrel trophy I made for a junior high school in Speedway, Indiana (home of the world famous "Indy 500")!


Rick - Nov 28, 2011



Good morning Cinda,

Thanks so much for your prompt response.  It's so nice to do business with a company that does a quick follow-up.  We saw one of your barrels at my sister-in-law's house a couple of years ago and just knew that we had to get one for our son and daughter-in-law.  It's a perfect "thank you" for our Thanksgiving week with them.  We'll be ordering more -- what a great hostess gift -- much more thoughtful and long-lasting than a bottle of wine or basket of soaps!

Thanks again for your great product and for your professionalism.

Happy holidays!


Jo - Nov 17, 2011


Thank you so much for your prompt response, Cinda.  I didn't expect to get a response so quickly and on a Sunday!

We did good finding you--it's always a pleasure to do with business with a company with integrity and warmth.  Thank you.

Happy Holidays!

Paulette - Nov 6,2011


(Just a note) Barrel arrived today Oct 21 Friday. I'am very pleased with you service and the shipping & wrapping, you are right on the ball. Waiting to do further business in the very near future. Frank K from Massachusetts - Oct 22, 2011


Thanks for all your help and advice.  I was a little nervous about buying on line from a site that I couldnt find any reviews about.  Talking to you personally makes me feel alot better about my choice to purchase from you.  This is a new hobby for me so I really appreciate the advice.
Thank you -K. - Sep 13, 2011


You guysgals ROCK - not only did you meet my expectations on correcting my issue, you exceeded them by sending me two spigots at no charge.....This kind of service is exactly why I am a repeat customer, and have referred several of my friends, who have purchased as well.....keep up the great work.

Much appreciated,

Todd Y - Jul 27, 2011


Thanks much for letting me know!  You guys have excellent customer service, and we've really enjoyed the barrels.  We've found Manhattans and Deschlers cocktails do very well in them.  Dana - Jul 20, 2011


Thank you much Mrs. Lucinda,

The barrels got delivered around 10:30/11:00, was on my way out of town, did not have time to cure the big one, but little one is doing fine already. By the same token the other 20l barrel from last time is doing an awesome job, made me freak out!

Until next time (pretty soon) you take care,

M.Denis - Apr 15, 2011


Got the oak barrels just beautiful

Greg M - Apr 12, 2011


I wanted to let you know that my father absolutely loved his 60th birthday present barrel from you guys!  I had the end of it engraved and he’s already got it filled with some Woodford Reserve.

If nobody tells you enough out there, you do a great job!

Thanks again, and I look forward to my next barrel order,



Hey Cinda,

Got the barrel today!  Its filled with water to expand the wood as I type this.  It looks great, and I'm excited.  

Thanks so much.  I can't wait to put some Manhattans in there.

Have a great weekend.

Brian - Apr 1, 2011