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Twin Bubble Air-Lock with 3/4" Rubber Stopper

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* Please Note: Fits 10L & 20L barrels only

Let the Percolating Begin!


An air-lock, sometimes called a fermentation lock - is a small device used in brewing beer or in making wine.  When filled partially with water, it acts as a water trap allowing carbon dioxide to be released.  When inserted into the bung of the oak barrel, it allows the gases caused by a fermentation to literally percolate through it and then, out of the barrel.


Air-locks also play a vital role in protecting your wine or brew during 'secondary fermentation' when the contents become most susceptible to contamination from outside sources.  Your Twin Bubble Air-Lock will arrive complete with 3/4" rubber stopper designed to fit snugly in either our 10L or 20L American oak barrels.


It's easy to use!  Simply attach the air-lock by placing its stem into the hole of the rubber stopper and then place the rubber stopper into the 3/4" bung hole of the oak barrel.  After you have the air-lock in place, fill it approximately half full with water.  Be sure to put the cap back on the air-lock. The cap has tiny pinholes that allow the gasses to make their way out.

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