Oak Barrels

Vanilla Extract Barrel - 1 Liter

Sugg Price: $54.95
Exclusive Online SALE: $39.95
Height: 6 1/8"
Volume: 33.8 oz (approx)

The Perfect Marriage ...

Vanilla beans sweet, perfumed aroma coupled with their mildly woodsy smoky flavor gives  pure vanilla extract a depth and complexity beyond compare.  Couple them with the natual vanillin flavors inherent in our toasted 1L Oak Vanilla Barrel and you have a marriage beyond compare.  Like a fine bottle of aged whiskey, your barrel-aged vanilla extract matures and mellows with age ... indulge and enjoy!  (Vanilla beans sold separately.)


Ready for something a little different ... try using bourbon or rum as the base for your barrel-aged vanilla extract!

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American white oak barrels
Brass, Galvanized or Rustic Black Hoops
1L, 2L, 5L, 10L or 20 L sizes
Age and mellow liquors, and wines
Great for barrel-aged cocktails, beer and ciders