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Oak Barrels, Ltd.

American White Oak Wood Barrel

American White Oak Wood Barrel

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Embark on your journey of barrel aging with our selection of American white oak barrels ranging from 1 to 20 liters in size. While these barrels serve as unique additions to your home bar or man cave boosting aesthetic appeal, they are crafted for the purpose of aging. 

Elevate your spirits, wines, or barrel-aged cocktails within your very own barrel, unlocking hues, intricacies, and flavors previously unexplored. Opt for the sleek galvanized steel hoops for a polished appearance, or embrace the charm of weathered authenticity with the black hoops.

Seeking personalization? Customize our 1 to 10-liter barrels for just $10.00. Add your own text, upload logos, or collaborate with Hannah to create custom artwork. Ideal for personalized gifts, a miniature oak barrel is destined to steal the spotlight at your next gathering.

Each barrel arrives complete with spigot, bung and stand. 

Barrel Dimensions
1L: Length: 6 1/8" I Head: 4 1/2"
2L: Length: 7 1/2" I Head: 5 1/4"
5L: Length: 10" I Head: 7"
10L: Length: 12" I Head: 8 3/4"
20L: Length: 15 1/4" I Head: 12 7/8"

Barrel Conversions
1L: .26 Gallons - 1.3 750mL bottles
2L: .53 Gallons - 2.5 750mL bottles
5L: 1.3 Gallons - 6.5 750mL bottles
10L: 2.6 Gallons - 13 750mL bottles
20L: 5.28 Gallons - 26 750mL bottles

The rule of thumb for aging in smaller barrels
20 L Oak Barrel – four to six months
10 L Oak Barrel – two to four months
5 L Oak Barrel – four to six weeks
2 L Oak barrel – two to four weeks
1 L Oak Barrel – one to two weeks

Temperature and Humidity
Temperature also impacts the aging process due to the amount of oxidation that occurs at different temperatures. Higher temperatures accelerate this process while lower temperatures result in slower oxidation. Ideally there would be great variations between night and day temperatures. These fluctuations in temperature, along with changes in barometric pressure, have been shown to actually force the whiskey, wine or ale in and out of the wood, resulting in maximum flavor and character.

Oxygen enters a barrel when water or alcohol is lost due to evaporation – often called the “angels share”. In an environment with 100% relative humidity, very little water evaporates and so most of the loss is alcohol – a useful trick if one has a liquor or wine with very high proof. Most beverages are topped up from other barrels or bottles to prevent significant oxidation. With small barrels, it’s recommended to top off the barrel
every one or two weeks.

In a nutshell …

  • Low Humidity – primarily water lost resulting in higher alcohol content
  • Dry air and higher temperatures will result in more water being lost (alcohol content goes up)
  • High Humidity – primarily alcohol lost resulting in losing the alcoholic strength of the product
  • When stored at 60% relative humidity or higher – primarily alcohol loss
  • Humid atmospheres with moderate temperatures will lead to more alcohol than water evaporating

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Customer Reviews

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casey, david

Nice product

Rosa S.
Repeat Customer

Thank you! This is my third order with you, and I appreciate the excellent service!

Michael C.
Beautifully made!

I run a small distillery and like to have these in stock for my customers so they can age the spirits they buy from me. Every barrel I have received has been beautifully made; none of them have leaked. I cannot say that about other barrels that I have bought from other vendors.I am about to introduce my "Barrel Club" and will buy many more because my customers deserve the absolute best.

Lori N.
Love Hannah at OBL!

I purchased two 2 liter barrels for a dinner party and needed them within a week. Hannah ensured I received them in time! The barrels are great and her customer service is as well. I highly recommend Oak Barrels LTD if you are looking for a quality product with service to match. Also would like to recommend an amazing addition to the bourbon lovers barrel. Add an entire vanilla bean to the barrel and you will have an incredible bourbon aged in your oak barrel!!

Debbie P.
Facebook friends are asking for more!

Sending pictures of two of my projects with your barrels. My Facebook is blowing up with people wanting your barrels! These barrels are top quality! .