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Oak Barrels, Ltd.

Vanilla Extract Barrel

Vanilla Extract Barrel

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Experiment with crafting your own barrel-aged pure vanilla extract, and you'll likely never turn to store-bought options again. Whether enhancing sweet or savory dishes, simple or elaborate, vanilla's delightful aromatic essence delicately elevates each flavor it touches. 

• 1 L Oak Vanilla Barrel
• 1 Qt 80 Proof Vodka, Bourbon or Rum … or wherever your imagination takes you …
• Vanilla Beans
for 1X Strength – 24 Vanilla Beans (96 gms / 3.2 oz)
for 2X Strength – 48 Vanilla Beans (192 gms / 6.8 oz) – (when cooking, use only ½ the
amount of vanilla that the recipe calls for)
• 1 tsp Corn Syrup (optional)

• Put finely chopped beans into prepared/swelled barrel.
• Pour Vodka (or base liquor of your choice – bourbon, rum etc.) into the barrel and stir – you
may add optional corn syrup, if desired.
• Fit bung snugly into the barrel for an airtight closure.
• Store in a cool place for one month to allow the extraction to take place.
• Placing your hand over the bung to hold it in place, gently shake or swirl barrel once a week.
• When vanilla has aged to your personal taste, remove and decant. You may keep the vanilla I
your barrel – just remember it will give some vanilla to the “angels share” … monthly, add and
top off with liquor to compensate.
• You will be able to start using your extract in approximately 4-6 weeks.
• Your vanilla will last for years.


Barrel arrives complete with spigot, low profile stand, and 2" bung. 

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Customer Reviews

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Tricia R.
The perfect gift!

I just wanted to reach out and thank you for the awesome communication and the fast shipment of my barrel. I cant wait to purchase a couple more in the next few weeks when I get my ducks in a row. The barrel is perfect and zero leaks. Again thank you!!!!!!! I wanted to share my barrel experience with you - I use your barrels for vanilla extract ... the 2 litre barrel holds a half pound of beans and half a gallon jug of vodka perfectly which would give you a little better than single fold extract in a few months. 13.5 oz. beans per gallon is FDA requirements for single fold. They look nice on my pub table too while percolating. Great conversation pieces. I gifted the other 2 litre barrel to my mom. She lives in a log home and her barrel looks nice on her kitchen counter with a pine log wall as a backdrop. If I take more pics I'll send them along too. Had no problems with spigot; inserting, functioning or leaking. Sized to always have a batch ageing for personal use on the counter so no worries about properly storing the barrel. Makes a great gift full or empty.